Welcome to the „TEKAEM – the future is now”

My name is Grzegorz Engelbrecht and for more than 22 years i had worked at Balex Metal company, where for my 10 decisive years I had been a commercial director for Polish marketplace.
I had been dealing with implementation, promotion and sales organization of Balex Metal products.
Nowadays I’m taking advantage of my experiences at Balex Metal, – my company is one of the biggest distributors of King Span’s group member – Balex Metal, that is known to be a leading manufacturer of sandwich panels, PIR panels and plates (e.g. trapezoid) in Europe.
In our offer you’ll find products from other Polish manufacturers too – for instance „Blachy Pruszynski”.
Currently at our square (directly or by order) you can find:
  •  Sandwich Panels- for walls, roofs, and cold storages: 
    • with a mineral wool core are non-flammable, and specially with the anti-burglary partition classification established in SSF1047 (Security Class 2).
    •  polyurethane foam core provides excellent thermal insulation for buildings
    •  with EPS core sandwich panels are universal solutions for roof and wall coverings, and are easy on your budget.
  • Insulation Panels – THERMANO and more
  • Trapezoidal Sheets – height – 2mm – 200mm,  thickness – 0,5mm – 1,5mm
  • Cold-formed beam profiles – „sigma”, „Z” and „C” shape,  thickness – 1mm – 3mm
  • Steel Roof Sheets – steel sheet tiles,  upright seam panels
  • Flashing, Roof Work and accessories 
And even more on special orders, made especially for you!
We’re making deals with both huge companies and individual investors. 
In case of language differences, We would prefer an email reference, so we could create an offer for you with pleasure.
It’s both available to receive your purchase by yourself at our department or make a delivery to your spot.
I would like to invite you to cooperate with me on supplying your marketplace on beneficial conditions. If you require any further information, feel free to contact me.
Yours faithfully,  
Grzegorz Engelbrecht